Brussels Terror Scare: Mall Evacuated in Fear of Islamic Terrorism


A 26 year old male terrorist has been arrested in response to a bomb scare in a mall in Brussels. The Prime Minister has described the issue as “Very serious.” and a crisis meeting was called.

A large area of the mall has been deemed unsafe.

“There is a very strong threat because the police were warned that a man was carrying an explosive belt which, it seems, would have ended up in this building,” said the RTL Reporter.

The country has been seriously on edge with several arrests and a major attack on the March 22nd airport attacks, in which ISIS claims credit for.

Following the crisis meeting, a statement from Charles Mitchel was released reassuring that everything was under control.

This is just the start of the attacks of Ramadan, heavily reaffirming the need for a strong leader such as Donald Trump.

More will be added as we learn about the attack.

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