British Man Lunges at Officers Firearm in Attempt to Assassinate Donald Trump

Michael Steven Sanford, age 20, learned how to shoot at a gun range before attempting to assassinate Donald Trump.
(Associated Press) Michael Steven Sandford, age 19, learned how to shoot at a gun range before attempting to assassinate Donald Trump.


Michael Steven Sanford, or better known as the man who attempted to assassinate Donald Trump at one of his political rallies this weekend in Las Vegas, was taken into custody after he lunged at a police officer’s gun.

A court document states that Sandford, when attending a Donald Trump rally on Saturday in the Treasure Island Casino, attempted to grab the handle of a pistol from a police officer whom was protecting rally-goers. Sandford used the cover of asking the officer on duty about getting an autograph from Trump when he decided to aim for the firearm.

Officers are unable to confirm at this time whether Sandford has any history of crimes, or if he has any metal heath complications that would have assisted him in his horrid plot to harm the Republican Nominee.

Authorities say that when Sandford was asked about why he attempted to reach for the officers gun, he replied with a grim ‘to shoot and kill Trump.’ Authorities also confirmed that Sandford planned to attend the next Trump rally in Phoenix if he failed to assassinate Trump on Saturday. He also added that he has been planning to assassinate Trump for about a year now.

Sandford stated in court documents released earlier this week that if he was released from his charges and put back out into the world, he would still attempt the assassination again. In these court documents he also stated that he has lived in the United States for over a year and a half now and that he practiced using a gun at a Las Vegas shooting range the day before the attempt on Trump.

Donald Trump prides himself in having his rallies in an atmosphere of which he describes as “the safest place to be”, but in light of recent events we are going to have to call your bluff on this one Donald.

  • Erica M.

    horrible! shame on him

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