2016 Presidential Campaign: The Gloves Are Off


With the 2016 campaign moving ahead with two presumed candidates, Trump and Clinton are changing focus exclusively upon each other.  Clinton has long been using her establishment contacts to create an image of Trump and he has responded as needed in his characteristic manner.  Some things have become somewhat entrenched as short burst of anger, such as Trump is a racist.

Of course that is a spin from a speech about controlling the flow of immigration of refugees of Muslim beliefs. The point being some who have been allowed to emigrate to other countries have formed their own sub governments with a Sharia structure and attacks on the host country have occurred.

Arguably, the US has had much less occurrence or suspicion of such acts than the UK or northern EU countries, but that is largely due to the diligence of the actual people in departments like the FBI.

Trump has positioned himself with his true concerns as a citizen and a natural leader.  The gloves are off.

It appears Trump has been waiting for a list of accusations to play out as he exercises rebuttals, and now is changing to an attack mode.  The difference between a Clinton attack on him, is Trump will be telling the truth without a spin.  Clinton has skeletons in her closet that actually have substance and point to the ability, or lack thereof, to be the top executive of a country.  Today, Trump announced a website, https://www.lyingcrookedhillary.com/ that capitalizes on his recent push for a label of Crooked Hillary.  It currently has a graphic lyingcrookedhillary

It is expected that Trump will be looking to push the issues of Benghazi and the Email server as both are actually important issues, despite the brushing off of these issues by the Clinton campaign and her media cronies.

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