Martians to endorse Donald Trump – “We’re tired of illegal aliens ruining the name of us legal aliens”



Martians sent out a video today, courtesy of the Mars rover, announcing their support for Donald Trump and his firm stance on illegal aliens. The video was picked up by NASA, and was released to the associated press shortly after.

“We are very upset with the bad name that illegal aliens have been spreading because of them crossing the earth land boarders in the Western Hemisphere, and we want show our support as proud Martians that not all aliens are illegal. For Zer’klars’ sake, we’ve been a part of the American culture since the late 1940’s” Kriz’mal said in his press release. While he continued to yell angrily, a sandstorm came through, cutting off the audio, but he was seen flailing frantically trying to swat away dirt and debris before cutting out.

It’s been well known that Martian scientists have been studying the American people and their government since as early as Roswell in 1947, and have since been making products out of human material from time to time. While no definitive trade deals have been struck, they have mentioned previously that they “would be very interested in making great deals with Donald Trump.” While it is unknown what kind of products they would be willing to trade with America, it can be confirmed that they have been harvesting material from the colons of campers, primarily from the southern part of the United States. While no tariffs or mining taxes have been paid, it will be assumed that a President Trump would be very open to what they can bring to the country.

“We want to clear our good name as law abiding, anal probing aliens, and don’t want to be associated with the aliens that are currently working at SeaWorld and Taco Bell” Kriz’mal mentioned in an earlier interview. “We want to help make America Great Again, and we will contribute however we can”

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